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Braquier has created and selected a range of collectible boxes to offer ... Discover this exclusive range of illustrated metal boxes, accompanied by the different products in the Braquier range.

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  • « Poster » box

    From the famous Braquier poster, this metal box represents on the one hand the shell because Léon Braquier considered that "the dessert is the gaiety", as well as the various bouquets in dragees offered to the famous personages: the president CARNOT, the King of the Belgians, Mrs Félix Faure, Admiral AVELLAN ...

  • « Origin » box

    Reproduction of a writing by Léon Braquier (deceased in December 1937) and signed by his hand. In order to guarantee all its customers an impossible counterfeit, the sugared almonds are placed in an envelope bearing its trademark and sealed with a stamp with the initials "L B". On this writing is the bouquet of dragees offered to the President of the Republic, Mr. LOUBET.

  • « Love and yummy » box

    A nod to the sweets of the dragee through old-fashioned haymaking and the sweets of love represented by a soldier and his beloved. This box was created to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Verdun.

  • « Monuments of Verdun » box

    Discover our products in an exclusive round box, presenting the monuments of the region. Dive into the heart of history and let your greed take you away!

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Showing 1 - 21 of 87 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 87 items